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A little about me!

I have always had very close ties with nature and animals, which have become ubiquitous sources of inspiration for me. I have also always had a passion for drawing. My non-common life path has allowed me to develop my autonomy and my desire for achievement. This translates into my artistic approach, since I constantly seek to take up challenges and develop my art by exploring different techniques and compositions.

My goal is not only aesthetic, in the sense that I don't just paint to make it look beautiful. I seek, by painting wildlife and nature, to capture people's attention and make them aware of the importance of creating a symbiosis with all forms of life on earth. With my ability to render my subjects so faithfully and thanks mainly to their gaze imbued with emotion. I seek to allow the observer to enter into communication with them.

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My mission

My mission is to connect people to wildlife through the creation and dissemination of visual and artistic representations of animals and nature with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of creating a symbiosis with all forms of life on Earth. I also seek to highlight the beauty of nature and wildlife in the finest detail.

my values

I attach great importance to authenticity and integrity in my creations and the distribution of my products.

On a basis of trust, empathy and shared values, I promote relationships and business collaborations to better convey the interests of the art and wildlife community. The human relationship is a very important aspect for me and I consider it important to make myself available to communicate and respond to people who admire my work.



Émission Première heure de Radio-Canada

16 Janvier 2024 - Segment 1

16 Janvier 2024 - Segment 2

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